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Our selection of Oyster
Le Claire de Bonsonge – Marennes Oleron
Speciale Pointe d’Agon – Agon Countaiville
Special d’Oleron – Gillardeau
Ostral Regal – Bannow Bay – Irlanda
Our selection of Oyster pt2
Speciale Taurbouriech – Laguna di Thau
Royal “David Herve” – Marennes Oleron
Seafood truffle
Oyster’s are served with champange pan brioche, slated butter of De Baratte, shallot and raspberry sauce
Gran plateau
selection of fish tartare and carpaccios shell fish and other seafood
Petiti plateau
small selection of fish tartare and carpaccios, shell fish and other seafood
Selection of fish carpaccios
in assorted marinades
Winter sea :
selection of fish carpaccios and tartars autumn flavoured
Croaker fish ceviche with
guacamole of avocado
“Pizza Pazza”: beaten knife shrimps
with citrus fruits, bufala mozzarella bite and candied tomato
Selection of three dish starters
in sequence
Traditional hot steamed fish and shellfish
with seasonal vegetables from the orchard
Slow cooked lobster
in caesar salad style
Baby squids fill with artichokes skewer
on pumpkin cream and vanilla oil
Caramelized scallop with celeriac mousse
and reduction of croustacean
Barley and cereal “minestrina” with “retina”
prawns and new olive oil
Foie gras escalope with Sautern reduction,
caramelized plum and champagne brioche
Mille-feuille of fassona with
crispy salad, Parmigiano flakes and moustard seeds
Seaweed “tagliolini”with baby squids, courgette filangè
fresh tomato and bottarga of tuna
“Fettuccine” fill with King Crab with clams sautè,
ribbed celery and candied tomato
“Arselle” spaghetti
baby clams from local fisheries
“Paccheri” pasta with shrimps and citrus fruits
with sage scents
“Linguina del maestro Pastaio ” with sea urchin
and raw red prawns from Mazara del Vallo
Risotto selezione Acquerello with Franciacorta
bubbles shrimps, burrata cheese and pomegranate scent (min 2 person)
“Chitarra” of pasta :
with artichokes in three different texture: cream, sautèed and fried
Foie gras “Agnolotto” with
candied pears, anise and pumpkin cream
Catch of the day proposed in different preparations
Vernaccia style: with potatoes, olives, dried tomatoes, capper fruit
Cooked in a Wood-burning oven:
Al “Porto” style: oil and Mediterranean herbs
Salt covered: served with fresh mayonnaise, olives tapenades, tomatoes and soft potatoes
Ligurian style: with olives, pine nuts and small vegetables
“Catalana” of steamed mixed shellfish (lobster, shrimp and prawn)
with seasonal fruit and vegetable
Mixed seafood and shellfish
with grilled vegetables
His Majesty the Cod:
breadstick crousted cod with chickpeas cream and stew kale
Almond crousted lobster with
first fruits of the garden and cream of topinambur
Large mixed fried fish and “Paranza” (small fishes)
accompained by tempura vegetables
Into the sea:
selection of fish and croustacen cooked and combined in different ways
Prussian flank steak Jolanda de Colo’ selection
with small vegetables and reduction of red wine
Duck Tales:
De Barberie confit duck breast with his own liver and caramel navets
Fiorentina style beef steak of Slavic scottona
cooked in the wood oven
Hot chocolate flan with liquid gianduia’s heart
and Tonka beans ice cream
Maledetti Toscani 2018
Limoncello flavoured Savarin
with orange cream and marron glacè ice cream
Gratinated fruits with
“Moscato d’Asti” wine sauce
Unforgettable apple pie
with vanilla sauce and cinnamon ice cream
Trilogy of seasonable sorbets
according to season

Our ice creams
Guanaja chocolate
Bronte pistachio
Marron Glacè
Tonka beans
Madagascar’s  vanilla
All our dessert are homemade and freshly prepared
Milky Way
Cheese Constellation
italian and foreigned
accompanied by mustards, jams and honey
Shropshire al Porto e uva di Corinto
Manchego D.o.p. stagionato
Paski Sir Pecorino di Pag
Roquefort D.o.p. J.CARLES
Blu di Bagnoli
Veneto – Italy
Canestrato di Forensa – pecorino stagionato
Basilicata – Italy
Parmigiano Reggiano D.o.p. di montagna 26 mesi
Reggio Emilia – Italy
Castelmagno D.o.p.
Piemonte – Italy